Materials a.y. 2018/19

II Semester a.y. 2018/19

Small Area Methods for the Analysis of Multidimensional Poverty Data and Seminars (9 ECTS)/Analysis of Survey data and Small Area Estimation (6 ECTS)

      Materials Seminars and Intensive Courses:

  • “PPP methodologies (ICP program) and their implications for the measurement of poverty, and inequality in health and income”, Emeritus Professor Prasada Rao, April 16th – 18th Part 1 Part 2
  • “Poverty mapping to study income and cultural diversity in Europe”, Prof. Nikos Tzavidis, May 9th Slides
  • “Vulnerable groups: child poverty, migration and gender in Europe”, Prof. Christian Morabito, May 13th Seminar C.Morabito
  • Aggregating Multidimensional Indicators in Europe, Prof. Vincenzo Mauro, May 2nd and May 16th sildes Aggregating indicators



Oral assignment

Date: 4th June 2019

I Semester a.y. 2018/19

European Indicators of poverty and vulnerabilities for Sustainable Development Goal and Seminars (9 ECTS)/ European Statistical System and Data Production Model (6 ECTS)

Materials Intensive Courses:


  • EXAM (group work):

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